National Not for Profit Day is celebrated on August 17th.  In honor of this day, we are highlighting a few of the many Not for Profit organizations FSOlegal supports and the amazing work they do in our community and world.

Evansville Civic Theatre enriches the lives of our community by offering high-quality, thought-provoking plays and musicals. ECT also helps develop an appreciation for the performing arts by students through its education programs which give students an opportunity to participate in theatre outside of the school setting. Evansville Civic Theatre is truly a grass roots effort. All of the actors, and those that work behind the scenes, are volunteers. The plays and musicals presented each season are chosen with community input, with a goal of providing something for everyone, both in terms of opportunities for artists to create and in terms of including diverse audiences. For example, ECT’s production of “Calendar Girls” and its subject matter of a group of women affected by cancer, provided a forum to highlight Gilda’s Club – a Tri-State organization that serve families affected by cancer. In existence since 1925, ECT is the oldest arts organization in Evansville and the second oldest community theatre in Indiana.

Laura Scott (Business and Banking Attorney) 

Chalice is global child sponsorship program that supports missionary work in fifteen countries.  Through Chalice, our family sponsors Frankie, a child in Haiti.  Chalice makes is possible for Frankie to attend school, eat nutritious meals and receive proper medical care.  Chalice facilitates communication between donors and sponsored children, allowing us to really get to know Frankie.  On Christmas Day 2018, we had the opportunity to speak directly with Frankie via Facetime.  This Facetime call was the most precious gift to our family.

Kerrie Weinzapfel (COO)

I have had the honor of being the President of the Public Education Foundation of Evansville this year.  You may know the Foundation though programs such as the summer musical which exposes students to all aspects of the theatrical arts, the house build project which allows building trade students to learn not just in the classroom, but on an actual construction project, and our Tech Showcase which showcases the achievements of students in many STEM projects.  The Foundation believes that high-quality public education is fundamental to the strength of our community.  It is our vision that students will be educated, engaged and ready to meet the challenges of the world.  

Andy Ozete (Business, Banking and Creditors’ Rights Attorney)

SAWs is a statewide ministry that builds access ramps at the homes of limited mobility persons of limited financial means.  I have had personal experience in my family with the difference that a ramp can make in a person’s quality of life.  We do not often think about how we can become trapped in our homes by an injury or disease.  That I have the chance to work on these ramps with other church folks makes the experience that much richer.

Terry Farmer (Commercial, Financial and Corporate Attorney)

The Air & Waste Management Association is a nonpartisan, global professional organization with the core purpose of improving environmental knowledge and decisions by providing a neutral forum to exchange information.  By sharing knowledge, the A&WMA increases the effectiveness of organizations to make critical decisions that benefit society and promote global environmental responsibility.  I have had the opportunity to serve on the board of the Indiana Chapter and work with environmental professionals on events that bring together the policymakers, industry leaders, legal advisors and our science and engineering professionals.  The Chapter also provides college scholarships to Indiana students in science and engineering fields related to the mission and purpose of A&WMA.

Jamie Dameron (Environmental Attorney)

Warrick Trails is a donor-supported trail system that connects neighborhoods, schools, parks and retail establishments throughout Warrick County, offering a unique and desirable lifestyle amenity to both residents and businesses alike. By providing safe walking and cycling routes to residents seeking to engage in healthy activities, Warrick Trails promotes and encourages better health and wellness, and allows residents to get outdoors and enjoy nature and an active lifestyle. For businesses, Warrick Trails stimulates the local economy by connecting residents to their places of business and attracts quality employees by making Warrick County a more desirable place to work and live.

Dan Robinson (Business and Corporate Attorney)

The YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, especially its Camp Carson, has been a big part in the lives of my family and my wife’s family, for a long, long time.  My wife’s grandfather, William A. Carson, donated to the YMCA the land on which the camp is located, and many young family members have spent parts of their summers attending the Camp along with other area youths.  My father-in-law, Ellis A. Carson; my uncle, Marvin J. Rust and I have all served as President of the YMCA Board of Directors to help the YMCA carry out its goal of serving the needs of children and families in Southwestern Indiana.

Robert M. Becker (Estate Planning Attorney)

The mission of Jacob’s Village is to develop a community where individuals with special needs can foster relationships and access affordable housing and activities to enrich their lives.  I have been involved on the Board of Directors of Jacob’s Village this past year and am continually impressed and encouraged by the wonderful community the organization creates for those who live there.  

Lindsay Schmitt (Estate Planning Attorney)

My family and I support St. Benedict Cathedral Church and School in Evansville, Indiana.  St. Ben’s plays such a significant role in my family members’ lives as our church parish and school. Beyond providing financial support for the church and school and volunteering as a parent at the school, my family also appreciates the opportunity to serve the church in the roles of lector (reading Bible passages to the congregation assembled at mass), assisting the priest at mass in the capacity as a server, serving on the school board and finance committees, providing extra hands at the summer social and other church functions, volunteering as coach for various athletic teams, and participating in a number of programs offered by St. Ben’s.  St. Ben’s provides a family-like atmosphere where all are welcome, and all are needed to help further the purposes of the church and school.  My family truly appreciates being a part of the St. Ben’s family.

Beth Burger (Estate Planning Attorney)

Kerrie M. Weinzapfel