Importance of Selecting a Registered Agent

In Indiana, all business entities must designate and maintain a registered agent within the state. Most of the time, little thought is given as to an entity’s registered agent.  However, by law, service of legal process, any notice, or demand is deemed effective on the organization when served on the registered agent.  This includes service of a lawsuit or other judicial proceeding.  It is therefore vital that an entity’s registered agent be someone who will ensure that timely notice of any summons, notice, or demand is provided to the appropriate decision maker(s) for the organization.  It is also vital that the registered agent designation be regularly reviewed and updated—including the registered agent’s contact information. In situations where a single person serves as the registered agent for multiple entities, this can be somewhat of a burdensome task.  Fortunately, however, in Indiana, a person serving as a registered agent for multiple entities can now file a designation as a commercial registered agent.  Doing so allows any update in contact information for the registered agent to automatically update for each of the entities to which that person is linked, saving considerable time and effort.